The First Post!

Thanks for joining me!

PassivelyPaid introducory post. This is my first post in my first blog! If you havent read my About page, I’m Kurt been in the Navy over 10 years. At about 2 years in I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and for the longest time after didnt really take in what I was supposed to do with the mindset he preaches. This changed after I got into stock trading waking up at 3-4 in the morning in Hawaii to be ready for the early hours when the day trading is juciest. I did make a decent amount but had gotten way too agressive and in two days lost a third of my portfolio on a handful of trades, which amounted to more than my annual income in the Navy! 

This is when I started looking for safer/more stable vehicles for my money. A friend asked if I had read that book and I thought hell I’ll just reread it while underway.. stuck on a submarine so why not. At this point I decided real estate is where its at, got home and started tearing through everything I could find on the topic primarily through Bigger (they have so many podcast, blogs, and memebers forums that your questions are there and answered already). 

I decided to go with turnkey rental properties.. I chose this because the market in Hawaii was so expensiveand the ease of entry worked well with my life in the Navy being gone all the time. Those properties have worked out very well but I will not be buying turnkey anymore. I’ll cover where that side of my passive income is headed later on. 

The rest of my portfolio is in dividend stocks and ETF’s, it’s about a 50/50. I do dabble in options trading because I really enjoy the markets (another one of those numbers nerds). My main focus here is dividend yeild balanced with dividend growth, and the ETF’s focus on value and dividend yeild. The only other place that provides me any other passive income is peer to peer lending on LendingClub but I reinvest all of that currently. 

Today I focus on writing books and saving for an apartment building for my next real estate purchase. Not sure whats going to happen with my career in the Navy, I got a medical condition that has recently gotten pretty bad but I wont go into that until we find out what is the possible cause, right now the Doc’s are at a loss and theres a lot testing and specialists I get to see all the time.. yay!.. not. 

The goal is to share my path to financial freedom and pass what I learn on to everyone. I plan to make updates on the blog every 2 weeks and write articles on different passive income vehiles I use or plan to use to help us both out in our decision making. Thank you for reading my intro post and I hope you check back in to exactly where I’m going with this. If you too are interested in creating a passive income, follow along and learn with me as I learn. This journey should be a fun one!

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