10 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Debt.

10. You’re out, so you’re free to spend!

Congratulations on getting yourself out from under the burden of debt. Now you can take all of that money that you’ve been putting toward getting out of debt and buy a new car!

Of course, that isn’t what you’re going to do. At this point, you have a newfound discipline and desire to really become financially free.

The first step was to get away from debt. Your next step is to start using your extra money to make more money—through interest and smart investing.


Don’t fall for the hype. Stop trying to tell yourself these lies (and others you might be thinking about right now).  Only when you believe the REAL truth about debt will you be able to commit and work towards becoming debt free.

I know you might be incredibly discouraged and not know where to begin. I know your heart is heavy. You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, and exhausted yourself. All of the right thinking in the world, all of the best budget forms, all of the top notch strategies will not do you any good unless you have Hope. True, you might need a new approach. You may even need practical tools. But most of all, you need to stop believing the lie that it will never happen for you. Paying off debt is possible!

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