Thirty Tips for a More Frugal Lifestyle

16. Attend a Home Depot workshop.

Home Depot has workshops on Saturdays on everything from installing flooring to replacing light fixtures. They’re free and teach valuable home renovation skills, which can teach you a lifelong skill, can be something fun do with a spouse of kids (age dependent of course), and help build equity in your house all at once.

17. Use rechargeable batteries.

If you find yourself buying batteries every month or two then switching to rechargeable batteries could save you money. They’re expensive, and rechargeable are more expensive! But trust me read the reviews the good ones last and they pay themselves many times over.

18. Join your local Buy Nothing Group.

The Buy Nothing Project is a global network of hyperlocal groups encouraging people to give and share with their community. You can find Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook my wife got most of our newborn’s clothes, toys, and other “baby essentials” from the group. All for free! (With all this baby stuff coming in we had to make room so we organically became regulars contributors in our local group as well)

19. Purchase some items in bulk.

I’m not a bulk shopper on everything but I on things I use consistently. Diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, etc I try to buy in bulk.

20. Plan a staycation.

Instead of going out of town, plan a staycation. Less travel, less planning, less stress, more time for fun. Think outdoors, historic sites, free places, new places that opened etc.

21. Find frugal friends.

The people you surround yourself with determine how you’ll spend your money. So surround yourself with like minded people who value frugality.

22. Buy season passes.

If there’s a zoo, museum, or park you visit frequently, spring for an annual or seasonal pass. You’ll save money by visiting one place more frequently than a bunch of different places all the time.

23. Get a water filter.

Water is life, and if your tap water isn’t optimal then invest in a quality water purifier. Bottled water… I mean come on it cost as much as soda.

24. Use Your Local Library

Take advantage of your local library. They offer so many great resources for adults and children alike. Of course, take advantage of the free books, and movies you can check out too!

25. At Home Movie Nights

 Have movie nights at home! It can cost a family of four $40+ dollars to go to one movie. That price is without the popcorn and drinks.

26. Patience is your frugal friend

If you are thinking of buying a big purchase, WAIT. Give it some time and think about it. Can you afford it? If you find after a few weeks you still really want the item, shop around and find the best deal for your money. And only buy it if you have the money.  

27. Only eat out a few times per month

Eating out is WAY more expensive than cooking at home. Save dining out as a treat and then use my tips to save on eating out such as ordering water, going out for pizza, and taking advantage of happy hour prices.

28. Use half to live frugally

Try using half the amount of products such as toothpaste and shampoo. You really only need a small amount to clean your teeth, so if you are one to slop on the toothpaste or shampoo, try conserving.

29. Couponing is frugal

Frugal living often involves coupons, but only use them if you were going to buy that item anyway. Is it really saving money if you’re buying things you’ll never use?

30.  Check the unit price!

It always pays to check the unit price of an item. You can do this by dividing the price by the amount you are getting. It is almost always better to buy the bigger pack! Just pay attention when the smaller units are on sale or have coupons that where the math comes in, but you got this!

4 thoughts on “Thirty Tips for a More Frugal Lifestyle

  1. Hey Kurt – Thanks for the write up. All of these are good ideas and I think even if people only implemented 25% of this list they could improve their budgets dramatically !

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