The Blog

So, PassivelyPaid.. let me guess passive income, financial independence, blah blah blah. But really this is me showing what I’m doing working towards financial independence and sharing that with you! I find myself at a pivitol point and unique situation that feels like the best shot I have to change things up build passive income. After 10 years of active duty military service  and planning on doing 30 to retire, I have a medical problem that we are looking into. Not knowing what my future holds scares me, mostly that I don’t know what will happen to my family and passive income will be there no matter what to take us.

My main goal is to create as much passive income as possible to replace my active duty income I currently depend on. Passive income to me is income that is received on a regular basis with little to no effort to maintain it. It normally requires a high amount of work or money up front but once the money starts rolling in week after week, month after month, its totally worth it!

In my blog I cover my journey building financial independence and how I will retire early. I just want to work when I want to and be able to spend as much time as possible with my family. Coming from a working class family i didn’t get as much time playing and having fun with my parents as I would have wished, I want to be there as much as I can to see my kids grow up because who doesn’t?! 

About Me

Im starting this blog after several months of working on my first book. After completing way ahead of schedule, I found that I love writing and learning to write. Getting my book out there on the open market was a huge leap for me and this blog is the next step, getting out of my comfort zone, laying out my path and ultimately sharing my boons and busts with the world to hopefully help them dodge some of the hurdles that kicked my butt. 

I am not a full time blogger or internet marketer, I’ve been in the navy over 10 years married nearly four years to my beautiful lady – Shelby and have on mini me/clone, I mean really he looks like his dad, named Colt. We have two dogs (Athena and Zeus) and three cats as well.  The goal is to build enough passive income to not have to have a fulltime job or any job when I get out of the Navy, to do things I love and be there for all the big life moments in my family. 

My wife and I were both born and raised in north east Georgia. I lived on the same road until joining the navy and she moved around a lot but stayed in one spot long enough for us to date one year in high school and date off and on long distance (Her in Michigan, me in Hawaii in the navy) until we were ready to settle down and make babies. 

My primary focuses on passive income are rental properties and dividend stocks. I hope to incorporate this blog and some other forms of passive income in the future. To date I have 5 houses, one I live in, spread over 3 states. Like I said I’ve written one book with many more on investing to come, with a long term goal to get into fiction writing, but we will see about that. 

Thank You

Thank you for taking time to read my About page. Please share this site or any article/blog posts you enjoyed or found helpful. It helps me stay motived to continue posting and hopefully educate others to help them on their way to building passive income!