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Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms for Passive Income

Real estate crowdfunding has become a real estate investment wave of the future. Individual investors can now buy pieces of commercial real estate projects throughout the country that were once limited to high net worth/income individuals.

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How to Passively Invest in Real Estate

What’s the difference between being efficient and just being busy? Why is this difference so important and how can you maximize efficiency? Many are swamped and are overwhelmed by it all. Most busy professionals who want to tap into the world of real estate “just don’t have the time.”

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The First Post!

Thanks for joining me!

PassivelyPaid introducory post. This is my first post in my first blog! If you havent read my About page, I’m Kurt been in the Navy over 10 years. At about 2 years in I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and for the longest time after didnt really take in what I was supposed to do with the mindset he preaches. This changed after I got into stock trading waking up at 3-4 in the morning in Hawaii to be ready for the early hours when the day trading is juciest. I did make a decent amount but had gotten way too agressive and in two days lost a third of my portfolio on a handful of trades, which amounted to more than my annual income in the Navy! 

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